Diamond in the Flames

Her life was drowning her in pain
No more abuse could she sustain
She took a match and lit it up
Hoping the pain would finally stop
The flames began to eat her dress
For grievances that weren’t addressed
She knew that now the end was here
Her heart was thus consumed by fear
So in her panic she tried to shout
When suddenly the flames went out
And in the darkness she saw a light
Then felt a breeze that brought delight
She heard a voice from up above
Whose gentle tone was full of love
That said to her, my little girl
You are to me a precious pearl
I know that men can be so cruel
Like wolves with bloody fangs that drool
I know that life can be so tough
For you’re a diamond in the rough
One day these wolves will pay the price
I’ll trap them all like cowering mice
One day you’ll shine like a glowing star
And all shall know who you are
One day will come when you’ll be free
Hold on to hope for that’s the key.


The Ego’s Surprise


Surprise, surprise…
So I’m not the only one.
There are others,
before me,
around me,
and many more to come.
With hopes,
and needs,
and dreams,
Surprise, surprise…
So I’m just an atom in motion,
just a drop in the ocean,
just a sound in the commotion,
just a part of the land,
just a grain in the sand,
just a soul in God’s hand,
Surprise, surprise…

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The Girl with the Tattered Crimson Dress


We could escape from prison, but we can never escape from ourselves. We could try to distract ourselves from ourselves by flooding our lives with every luxury our hearts desire. We could try to fulfill every fantasy our minds can imagine. We could do all of this and may even feel “happy” for a while, but soon, that hollow feeling, that sharp painful angst, returns.

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