Prophet Darwin

I am not one who believes that the theory of evolution and the existence of God are mutually exclusive ideas. In other words, reconciliation between the two is possible. What I take issue with, however, is the use of the former to attack the latter. I get that many people believe that religion has been used to justify some horrific acts in the past. Believe me, you don’t need to convince me of that, I know firsthand. Having said that, even if you are the most ardent atheist, you can’t – or rather shouldn’t – deny the fact that religion has been a source of solace for billions of people on the planet; especially the poor, war-ravaged, and downtrodden. I just can’t think of anything crueler than to try to take away the last source of comfort they have left…

I met a man who said to me,
can you believe that God could be?
With all the stories that fossils tell,
the tales you tell don’t ring a bell.
The only prophet my faith is in,
is an Englishman I call Darwin

I said to him suppose that I,
believed that God was but a lie.
That our Universe was born by chance,
and God’s real name was “Happenstance”.
That my forefathers were great big apes,
stumbling around, searching for grapes.
That good and evil on our whims depend,
that death was the end that ends all ends.
That this life we live was meaningless,
with no real goal or great purpose.
Then my dear friend I ask you this:
When the winds of hardship begin to hiss,
and the nights of sorrow consume my cheers,
and my face is washed by streams of tears,
and my heart is broken like an old tree,
and relief’s gatekeeper has tossed the key,
and I find myself alone in darkness,
with no one to speak to except my madness,
weak and broken without any power,
can Darwin help me in that hour?


End of the Dark Night

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This is one of the most important poems I wrote while I was inside. You all know what it feels like when a glimmer of hope begins to sparkle in the distance only to be snuffed out suddenly by total and unforgiving darkness. Prison is all inner work and so after a period of battling I remember vividly waking up one night and seeing in my mind’s eye a slain red dragon.

The dragon has been slain.
My head is bowed,
and on my knees I stand.
The colour of my tears is red,
I see the break of dawn.
My heart weeps for what it lost,
yet my soul is full of joy.
For all the wisdom that it gained
For all the lessons learned.


Brave Life

I woke up last night and had one of those anxiety attacks that snowballs and takes on a life of its own. Its power ebbed and flowed as the day went on. Then, suddenly, a part of me rose over the rest of me and said: “Live bravely...”

The rest of me agreed silently and then this poem came pouring forth…

Live bravely,
Regardless of the consequences.

How many lives have we lost to fear,
Some half lived,
While many not at all.

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Wounded Birds

16 years ago, on my first anniversary of incarceration, I walked into a rectangular concrete yard with high walls. The yard was empty except for a pigeon with a broken wing who was in a state of absolute panic.  It was stuck in a frantic cycle of bursting upwards into flight, then crashing into the wall, then falling to the ground, and then trying again… and again… and again.

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Diamond in the Flames

Her life was drowning her in pain
No more abuse could she sustain
She took a match and lit it up
Hoping the pain would finally stop
The flames began to eat her dress
For grievances that weren’t addressed
She knew that now the end was here
Her heart was thus consumed by fear
So in her panic she tried to shout
When suddenly the flames went out
And in the darkness she saw a light
Then felt a breeze that brought delight
She heard a voice from up above
Whose gentle tone was full of love
That said to her, my little girl
You are to me a precious pearl
I know that men can be so cruel
Like wolves with bloody fangs that drool
I know that life can be so tough
For you’re a diamond in the rough
One day these wolves will pay the price
I’ll trap them all like cowering mice
One day you’ll shine like a glowing star
And all shall know who you are
One day will come when you’ll be free
Hold on to hope for that’s the key.