Buried Treasure

Come,Take a rest.You’ve been a juggler all your life.Isn’t it time to let your thoughts fall?Chains can never last forever,But buried treasures sometimes do.Sometimes I feel like I’m sittingAt the bottom of an oceanChained and shackledYet somehow I’m not drowning.There is a buried chestWithin my chest,And it contains a heavy cloak of sadness.In there is … Continue reading Buried Treasure

The Land of Silence

Escape into the vast wilderness of silence,Near the burning bush,Where you might hear the voice of God. Tiring thoughts,And fears,And worries,Rambling on inside my mind have pushed me here,Where snowflakes fall with grace,One by one,Upon the silent mount of Sinai. Don't you think it's funny?All this running around,All this hustle and bustle,All this frantic madness … Continue reading The Land of Silence