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Poems to my daughter…

I wrote these heartfelt poems to my daughter while I was incarcerated for 16 years.  A part of me hopes that they played some part in helping her grow into the beautiful young lady she is today.  May God protect her and look after her now, just as he did when I was inside. Amen…

When I am Gone…

When I am gone these words shall stay
for you to read at night or day.
In them you’ll find me cheer you on
declaring, “darkness must end by dawn.”
I missed the day you learned to walk
and your first words as you tried to talk.
When you were sick I was not there
to hold you tight and give you care.
Seeing your friends in their dads’ embrace
is a sin of mine that I can’t erase.
I was not there to wipe your tears
a regret I’ve held for all these years.
Leaving you was my greatest crime
I wish I could turn the hands of time.
But now I’m here between each line
sending my love with every rhyme.
These gems are a gift from me to you
always have hope, always be true.

This next series of poems is called The Gem Series. 

GEM #1: Chrysocolla (Wisdom, Communication, and Gentle Power)

Beloved Princess,

I hope that you will take these gems, and place them on your crown. For if you wish to be Queen one day, you must prepare from now.

I’m still young,
yet old enough,
for I see signs of grey.
We one day came and soon we’ll go,
nothing remains the same.
At your age, not long ago I thought I knew it all,
but now I know with certainty,
that I know nothing at all.

GEM #2: Aquamarine (Calm, Centered, and Relaxed)

How often have you seen a man,
whose beauty brings delight,
yet whose ugly character,
makes you run with fright.

How often have you seen a girl,
whose looks are not so fine,
yet each word that leaves her lips,
makes the whole world shine.

GEM #3: Rose Quarts (Unconditional Love)

My Beloved Princess: I want you to know that I will always love you no matter what! You are perfect to me and I accept you just as you are. There is nothing you need to do to gain my love; you already have it unconditionally.

Image result for Rose Quartz

You can fail in school a thousand times,
You can break my rules again and again,
You can crush my heart and bring me to tears,
But nothing you do will diminish my love.
With your tiny hands you captured my heart,
And there it remained since the very start.

Miss Hello Kitty!

Miss Hello Kitty,
smiling on my wall!
isn’t she so pretty?
at only two feet tall!
Clever as a red fox,
hatching a naughty plot,
holding her milk box
like a mouse she caught!

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