50,000 Years Before Existence

My fate
hangs around my neck
like a necklace.

My life
is an outline of a portrait
drawn by God
that I must paint with my deeds.

Free will and fate
are like twin horses that we ride standing,
not knowing which is which,
until the race is over.

There can be no peace,
no rest,
and no stillness of the mind
without embracing destiny.
Wholehearted surrender…

Glimpsing into the secrets of the universe,
“Maktoob,” the arabs said,
It is written.

Your life,
and your death;
your sorrows,
and your joys;
every grain of rice,
and every golden coin,
on its way to you,
was marked with your name,
50,000 years before existence…

1 thought on “50,000 Years Before Existence

  1. Samar

    Life gets hard, but these words touch the heart and the mind, snd reminding me to take it easy!
    Thank you Zaharia!!
    ”Amto Habibi”



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