They say, I say, You say…

The past,
The present,
The future.

“Be in the present,” they say.
But how can that be?
When the past often haunts us like a ghost,
And the future looms over us with its menacing shadow.

“There is no before,” the mad man said,
as he tried to escape his past.
“And there is no after,” the mad woman said,
as she tried to ignore her future.
Yet the past, the present, and the future are the most intimate of friends,
the trinity of trinities.

So here is what I say:
But who am I to say anything?
Regardless, I say,
I say, even if only to hear myself,
        I say, because I can,
        I say, because I will,
I say this:
The past is a friend waiting to be accepted,
The present is a wrestler waiting to be challenged,
And the future is a dream waiting to be dreamed.

There! I said it,
So what will you say?

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