The Man dilusion

This is the material world,
but beside it,
around it,
inside it,
and everywhere,
exists the immaterial.

“Where is God?!”,
Dawkins asks.
As if he will find Him with a microscope,
or a telescope,
or a stethoscope,
or a sky piercing tower, as Pharaoh once suggested.
But Rumi was right:
“When you look for God
Look for Him in the look of your eyes
In the thought of looking, near to yourself than yourself,
Or in things that have happened to you
There’s no need to go outside.
Be melting snow.
Wash yourself of yourself.”

1 thought on “The Man dilusion

  1. Skyline Abu Ramzi

    Can any fule pump work for 60 or 80 years without refill? That’s your heart that’s your God (called Allah) refining the fule.



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