I can’t breathe

Both white and black are breathing
The same colourless air
Show me what’s fair?
Does anyone care?
Wake me up from this nightmare!

Fires raging,
On earth
And in hearts, blazing
Foul and dark hatred
I can’t breathe!

I can’t breathe this air no more
The fish are dying in the seas
And soon we’ll have no more trees,
Or bees
Courtesy of man-made catastrophe
I can’t breathe!

Kicked out of our homes
By bank robbing bankers
No devine anchors
This ship is sinking
The air is stinking
I can’t breathe!

Nuclear arms, boots of war treading forth
Drone strikes,
Indiscriminately discriminate
Injustice that is permanent
Are the last days finally eminent?
I can’t breathe!

Wake me up from this nightmare!
Hug me like you used to
And promise that I’ll be okay

Oh! How I wait for the day when we all shall say: Let us pray, let us pray

Let us pray for peace
Let us pray for love
Let us pray for air from up above

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