Dear Marcell

Dear Marcell,

This is the fifteenth year of my life sentence…

For so long, I have shielded my conscious mind from the idea of being free again, that I was actually taken by surprise when I realized a few days ago that I am up for parole in 9 months.

Suddenly, I found myself wondering about what I should do once I’m released back into the sea of life.

Over the years, I have often wished to travel back in time with everything that I know now, in order to relive my lost
youth, or at least have a few words with my younger self.

This, of course, is impossible…

But as I re-enacted this fantasy in my mind today, I realized that although I can no longer reach out to my younger self, there is nothing preventing me from reaching out to the souls of other young men who are on the verge of repeating the catastrophic mistakes that I once made.

What if I could use my tragedy to produce a victory for someone else?

I am not very confident in my ability to achieve this, but I am at least willing to try.

*Marcell Wilson is the Founder & President of One by One Movement. To learn more visit:

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