How to Cross a Sea

Tonight I sat on a lonely shore
In hopes of healing from the wounds of war
Along with stars and comets passing by,
I saw my tears swimming in the sky

I wondered how I’ll ever cross this sea
That stands between my life and destiny
And keeps my loved ones ever far away;
I long for them every night and day

Then suddenly I heard a saintly voice
That told me I should instantly rejoice
And gather up my courage and my strength
And cross the sea regardless of its length
Upon a raft made up of solid layers
Constructed by sincere and sacred prayers
Sent up towards the heavens in the night
When creatures of the day are out of sight
When lovers of the One achieve ascension
While lovers of the many find dissension

Indeed, every prayer is a seed
That you must nurture and must feed
Until it grows and reaches for the skys
And all its fruits are witnessed by the eyes
Indeed my friend, all of this is true
Yet sadly those who practice it are few!


“For 20 years I’ve been praying to God for a need that he has yet to grant, and yet I have not given up on asking” – Imam Al Ajali

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