The Dragon

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Ultimately, the last deed has to be done by oneself. Psychologically, the dragon is ones own binding of oneself to ones ego. We’re captured in our own dragon cage. The problem of the psychiatrist is to disintegrate that dragon, break him up, so that you may expand to a larger field of relationship. The ultimate dragon is within you it is your ego clamping you down”- Joseph Campbell

The void inside is driving us to madness
We look alive yet don’t know how to live
Buried beneath our self-inflicted sadness
We have forgotten what it means to give
To give ourselves to something so much greater
Than what our selfish egos would permit
We no longer remember our Creator
And kindness to our neighbor we restrict
Here is the simple truth that we must nurture
Or be forever lost to misery
Our Ego is the Dragon we must capture
Or its captives forever we shall be.

1 thought on “The Dragon

  1. Melissa G

    Beautiful poem, yet perhaps the role of the dragon has been misunderstood. Dragons guard what is most precious. If we befriend instead of fear them, they may guide us beyond the illusion of separation.



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