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O One who made this universe,
and gave each one their own purpose.
I sought you out throughout my life,
in every valley and every height,
in every secret cave on land,
in every trace of you I found,
up in heaven or on the ground,
I call on you, broken.

My tears ascend towards the sky,
I’m filled with pain that is no lie,
my life is hard I can’t deny,
I’m reaching my limits.

I journeyed on for all these years,
wiping away my lonely tears,
withstanding pain and piercing fears,
for only one purpose.

If all of those who are on land,
and those in heaven or beneath the sand,
or in the oceans and seas You made,
had turned away from me with hate,
and all I got was a loving glance,
from you to me and a second chance,
achieved is my purpose.


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