Cancer Of Resentment

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How could You be, when all I see is suffering

When all I see is orphaned children cry in pain, wondering
How could You let their innocence be robbed away in darkness
How could You let their blood flow like endless streams, it’s madness!

How could You be, when ones who claim belief in You are faithless
They walk around self-righteously, with vanity, it’s nonsense!
They play with blood as casually as they would with water
The only thing that’s on their mind as they awake is slaughter

I rest my case, I end my speech, and now I sit in silence
Waiting on You to answer me, if You exist, Your Highness


I heard your words, I always do, and now here is the answer
You’re not the first, nor are the last, to have this common cancer
That kills the hearts and blinds the eyes from seeing all the wisdom
In all My works, in all My deeds, throughout My Endless Kingdom

When I first made your father Adam, all the Angels questioned
Will You bring forth those who kill and spread evil corruption
They fail to overlook the many evil ones and see
A few humble hearts whose very being is mercy

They feed the poor, they help the weak, and heal the sick and wounded
They wipe the tears, they mend the hearts, and act as I commended
They offer thanks, and speak with words that are always tender
And when they pray, they bow their heads in humble surrender.

Had every inch of earth been filled with every kind of crime
And one such soul remain behind, I would allow them time

Can you not see that nothing could be without its other pair
Without a north there is no south, and such are good and evil
I gave you all the will to choose, and thus you chose to be
And now you turn around and point your finger, blaming Me

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