The Man dilusion

Credit: This is the material world,But beside it, Around it,Inside it,Here, There,And everywhere,Exist the immaterial. "Where is God?!", Dawkins asks. As if he will find Him with a microscope, or a telescope,or a stethoscope, Or a sky pearcing tower, as Pharaoh once suggested. But Rumi was right: "When you look for GodLook for Him … Continue reading The Man dilusion


To Gordon... forever. Mystery: /ˈmɪst(ə)ri/. A religious truth known by revelation alone. (Merriam Webster dictionary)  Here I stand, Between the two eternities,Of past and future tenseIn a spec of timeSublimeWhat to do with this life of mine?Like an hourglass;I wonder how much sand is left?BereftI breathe my soul awayTo the afterlifeWherein my deeds awaitTheir fateI fear … Continue reading Mystery